Formula SS6


Eco-friendly multi-function coating

Nano-silicone coating

Formula SS6 blends together 6 distinct different silicone. This 100% silicone wax is made according to the safety level of a cosmetic grade product.

The nano size particle make it very easy to apply to a wide range of materials. It can be used to improve surface finishing and act as a water repellent coat. It can also be used as lubricants and for rust removal.

Water Repellent Coat

Applicable to Windscreen, Safety Helmet, Car body..
Improve vision during rainy days.

Highly Durable

Minimum 8 months performance guaranteed for glass, car body, aluminium surface.

Moisturize and recondition leather goods

Moisturize and recondition leather goods.

Dry Lubricant

Work well as a dry lubricant for ball bearing, metal chain, plastic.

Remove rusts and lubricate moving parts of weapons, machine, fishing rod.

Highly Effective in Rust Removal

Prevent oxidation and corrosion against acid, salt and alkaline

  • Music instruments, furniture, silver ware, copper
  • Polish effect for crystals, plastic, piano
  • Anti-aging for rubber

Improve UV and heat resistance for rubber and plastic

Polished effect for Coating, Paint, Plastic

Formula SS6 Wide range of application:

  • Mental – Car body, aeroplain
  • Leather
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Mechanical moving parts
  • Etc…

Drable, cost savings and eco-friendly:

4-10x more durable than competitors. 3x less time and quantity needed to get the same effect. 150ml can be applicable to 4-5 cars.

Polish cycle : once every 6-8 months After polish, the car only needed to be washed once every 2 weeks.

User Manual:

4-10x more durable than competitors.

Polishing: Thoroughly clean the item and apply a very thin layer of SS6 with soft brush or cloth. (Apply a little bit more if you are reconditioning a leather product, a very thin layer will be sufficient for any other cases). After 5-10 minute, use the cloth or soft brush for polishing.

Use a wet cloth if you are applying to a large area, clean with a dry cloth after polishing. Heat treatment by dryer or sunlight exposure can enhance the bonding of SS6 with the item, please check if your item can be subject to heat treatment before doing so.

Rust removal & treatment: Formula SS6 can be used together with metal brush.
Lubrication: after cleaning and removing rust of the item, apply SS6 on the moving part and clean the excess.